Linux support for AMD Opteron with Broadcom NICs

Erwan Velu erwan at
Thu Jul 3 03:41:35 EDT 2003

> Anyway: I found a few ftp sites that supply a Mandrake-9.0 x86_64 version.
> Thus I did a ftp installation which after (many) hickups actually worked.
> However, that distribution does not support the onboard Broadcom 5704
> NICs. I also could not get the driver from the broadcom web site to work
> (insmod fails with "could not find MAC address in NVRAM").
I will have a look on that point because MandrakeLinux for opteron owns the bcm5700 driver.
Could you send me the PCI-ID of your card ?

> For those of you who have such a box: which distribution are you using?
The MandrakeClustering product ( has
been shown during ISC2003 at Heidelberg ( on dual
opteron systems. People who want to test it can contact me directly.

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