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Rene Storm rene.storm at emplics.com
Tue Jul 1 11:57:54 EDT 2003

Hi Andy,

think this depends on your desktop pc's.
I already have installed such a "cluster", but the desktops were dual 2.4 Ghz PCs with 'own' giga ethernet. It all worked with dual boot on the boot loader and automatic switching of the boot-options in the evening and morning.

But there some problems you should take a closer look at.
 What would you do if your job is still running in the morning and the employees are on the way to their offices ?  Could your network bear up with the heavy traffic or woult it disturb things like eg backup server. (If you haven't a  seperat backbone.)  What if someone would like to impress the boss and do some overtime ?

I would recommend, that you use some of the diskless cds or floppys out there (like knoppix or mosix-on-floppy) to check your equipment against your demands.

If your office pc are already using linux, you could/should take a look at openmosix. From openmosix.org: "Once you have installed openMosix, the nodes in the cluster start talking to one another and the cluster adapts itself to the workload. Processes originating from any one node, if that node is too busy compared to others, can migrate to any other node. openMosix continuously attempts to optimize the resource allocation."

We are using openmosix on our clusters and on our servers as well. Works fine for no-parallel jobs.


Hi all,

Has anyone implemented a cluster over a normal office network using the PCs on people's desks as part of the cluster? If so, what was the performance of the cluster like? What sort of performance penalty was there for the ordinary user and what was the network traffic like?

Just a thought...



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