[Beowulf] 2.6

Brian Dobbins brian.dobbins at yale.edu
Fri Dec 19 19:19:42 EST 2003

> Most already know and have played with 2.6.
> lots of smp fixes and Linus is fixing documentation.
> But did you read the changelog?....    ....hint read the last entry.

  On a slightly different note (.. different from the changelog bit ...), 
what are people's experiences in terms of performance?  Any noticeable 
difference in, ie, SMP codes?  I/O?  Network performance?  

  I have some Opterons here which, as soon as the jobs they need to run 
are done, I'm going to reboot with a PXE+Etherboot (*) 2.6 kernel to play 
with, but that could be a while yet. 

  (*) And, for the sake of saving anyone who may be trying the same thing, 
for some reason when using "mkelf-linux", I couldn't specify:


  .. like I could with the 2.4 kernel.  This time, I had to use the device 


  Not 100% sure that was the problem, since it was done on very little 
sleep, but if any of you are booting diskless opterons and want to try the 
2.6 kernel but aren't having much luck, give that a shot.

  - Brian

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