[Beowulf] 2.6

Andrew Latham lathama at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 14:38:13 EST 2003

Most already know and have played with 2.6.

lots of smp fixes and Linus is fixing documentation.

But did you read the changelog?....    ....hint read the last entry.

Summary of changes from v2.6.0-test11 to v2.6.0

<hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp>
	[PATCH] Missing initialization of /proc/net/tcp seq_file
	We need to initialize st->state in tcp_seq_start().  Otherwise
	tcp_seq_stop() is run with previous st->state, and it calls the unneeded
	unlock etc, causing a kernel crash.

<mingo at elte.hu>
	[PATCH] Fix lost wakeups problem

	When doing sync wakeups we must not skip the notification of other cpus
	if the task is not on this runqueue.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Fix x86 kernel page fault error codes

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Fix ide-scsi.c uninitialized variable

<yoshfuji at linux-ipv6.org>
	[IPV6]: Fix ipv4 mapped address calculation in udpv6_sendmsg().

<laforge at netfilter.org>
	[NETFILTER]: Sanitize ip_ct_tcp_timeout_close_wait value, from 2.4.x

<pavlin at icir.org>

<mingo at elte.hu>
	[PATCH] Fix /proc access to dead thread group list oops
	The pid_alive() check within the loop is incorrect.  If we are within
	the tasklist lock and the thread group leader is valid then the thread
	chain will be fully intact.
	Instead, the check should be _outside_ the loop, since if the group
	leader no longer exists, the whole list is gone and we must not try
	to access it.
	Move the check around, and add comment.
	Bug-hunting and fix by Srivatsa Vaddagiri

<axboe at suse.de>
	[PATCH] fix broken x86_64 rdtscll
	The scheduler is completed b0rked on x86_64, and I finally found out
	why.  sched_clock() always returned 0, because rdtscll() always returned
	0.  The 'a' in the macro doesn't agree with the 'a' in the function,
	yippe :-)
	This is a show stopper for x86_64.

<khali at linux-fr.org>
	[PATCH] I2C: fix i2c_smbus_write_byte() for i2c-nforce2
	This patch fixes i2c_smbus_write_byte() being broken for i2c-nforce2.
	This causes trouble when that module is used together with eeprom (which
	is also in 2.6). We have had three user reports about the problem.
	Credits go to Mark D. Studebaker for finding and fixing the problem.

<drepper at redhat.com>
	[PATCH] Fix 'noexec' behaviour
	We should not allow mmap() with PROT_EXEC on mounts marked "noexec",
	since otherwise there is no way for user-supplied executable loaders
	(like ld.so and emulator environments) to properly honour the
	"noexec"ness of the target.

<davem at nuts.ninka.net>
	[NETFILTER]: In conntrack, do not fragment TSO packets by accident.

<ja at ssi.bg>
	[BRIDGE]: Provide correct TOS value to IPv4 routing.

<jgarzik at pobox.com>
	[PATCH] fix use-after-free in libata
	Fixes oops some were seeing on module unload.
	Caught by Jon Burgess.

<jgarzik at pobox.com>
	[PATCH] fix oops on unload in pcnet32
	The driver was calling pci_unregister_driver for each _device_, and then
	again at the end of the module unload routine.  Remove the call that's
	inside the loop, pci_unregister_driver should only be called once.
	Caught by Don Fry (and many others)

<jgarzik at pobox.com>
	[PATCH] remove manual driver poisoning of net_device
	From: Al Viro <viro at parcelfarce.linux.theplanet.co.uk>
	   Such poisoning can cause oopses either because the refcount is not
	   zero when the poisoning occurs, or due to kernel debugging options
	   being enabled.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Fix the PROT_EXEC breakage on anonymous mmap.
	Clean up the tests while at it.

<jgarzik at pobox.com>
	[PATCH] wireless airo oops fix
	From Javier Achirica:
	Delay MIC activation to prevent Oops

<davem at nuts.ninka.net>
	[PKT_SCHED]: Do not dereference the special pointer value 'HTB_DIRECT'.
	Based upon a patch from devik.

<devik at cdi.cz>
	[PKT_SCHED]: In HTB, filters must be destroyed before the classes.

<James_McMechan at hotmail.com>
	[PATCH] tmpfs oops fix
	The problem was that the cursor was in the list being walked, and when
	the pointer pointed to the cursor the list_del/list_add_tail pair would
	oops trying to find the entry pointed to by the prev pointer of the
	deleted cursor element.
	The solution I found was to move the list_del earlier, before the
	beginning of the list walk. since it is not used during the list walk and
	should not count in the list enumeration it can be deleted, then the
	list pointer cannot point to it so it can be added safely with the
	list_add_tail without oopsing, and everything works as expected.
	I am unable to oops this version with any of my test programs. 
	Patch acked by Al Viro.

<greg at kroah.com>
	[PATCH] USB: register usb-serial ports in the proper place in sysfs
	They should be bound to the interface the driver is attached to, not
	the device.

<david-b at pacbell.net>
	[PATCH] USB: fix remove device after set_configuration
	If a device can't be configured, the current test9 code forgets
	to clean it out of sysfs.  This resolves that issue, so the retry
	in usb_new_device() stands a chance of working.
	The enumeration code still doesn't handle such errors well, but
	at least this way that hub port can be used for another device.

<greg at kroah.com>
	[PATCH] USB: fix race with hub devices disconnecting while stuff is still
happening to them.

<acme at conectiva.com.br>
	[IPV6]: Fix TCP socket leak.
	TCP IPV6 ->hash() method should not grab a socket reference.

<axboe at suse.de>
	[PATCH] scsi_ioctl memcpy'ing user address
	James reported a bug in scsi_ioctl.c where it mem copies a user pointer
	instead of using copy_from_user(). I inadvertently introduced this one
	when getting rid of CDROM_SEND_PACKET. Here's a trivial patch to fix it.

<mdharm-usb at one-eyed-alien.net>
	[PATCH] USB storage: fix for jumpshot and datafab devices
	This patch fixes some obvious errors in the jumpshot and datafab drivers.
	This should close out Bugzilla bug #1408
	> Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 12:14:53 -0500 (EST)
	> From: Alan Stern <stern at rowland.harvard.edu>
	> Subject: Patch from Eduard Hasenleithner
	> To: Matthew Dharm <mdharm-usb at one-eyed-alien.net>
	> cc: USB Storage List <usb-storage at one-eyed-alien.net>
	> Matt:
	> Did you see this patch?  It was posted to the usb-development mailing list
	> about a week ago, before I started making all my changes.  It is clearly
	> correct and necessary.
	> Alan Stern

<trini at kernel.crashing.org>
	[PATCH] USB: mark the scanner driver as obsolete
	On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 11:21:58AM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
	> Can't you use xsane without the scanner kernel driver?  I thought the
	> latest versions used libusb/usbfs to talk directly to the hardware.
	> Because of this, the USB scanner driver is marked to be removed from the
	> kernel sometime in the near future.
	After a bit of mucking around (and possibly finding a bug with debian's
	libusb/xsane/hotplug interaction, nothing seems to run
	/etc/hotplug/usb/libusbscanner and thus only root can scan, anyone whose
	got this working please let me know), the problem does not exist if I
	only use  libusb xsane.
	How about the following:

<oliver at neukum.org>
	[PATCH] USB: fix sleping in interrupt bug in auerswald driver
	this fixes two instances of GFP_KERNEL from completion handlers.

<oliver at neukum.org>
	[PATCH] USB: fix race with signal delivery in usbfs
	apart from locking bugs, there are other races. This fixes one with
	signal delivery. The signal should be delivered _before_ the reciever
	is woken.

<stern at rowland.harvard.edu>
	[PATCH] USB: fix bug not setting device state following usb_device_reset()

<herbert at gondor.apana.org.au>
	[PATCH] USB: Fix connect/disconnect race
	This patch was integrated by you in 2.4 six months ago.  Unfortunately
	it never got into 2.5.  Without it you can end up with crashes such
	as http://bugs.debian.org/218670

<greg at kroah.com>
	[PATCH] USB: fix bug for multiple opens on ttyUSB devices.
	This patch fixes the bug where running ppp over a ttyUSB device would fail.

<arvidjaar at mail.ru>
	[PATCH] USB: prevent catch-all USB aliases in modules.alias
	visor.c defines one empty slot in USB ids table that can be filled in at
	runtime using module parameters. file2alias generates catch-all alias for it:
	alias usb:v*p*dl*dh*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip* visor
	patch adds the same sanity check as in depmod to scripts/file2alias.

<greg at kroah.com>
	kobject: fix bug where a parent could be deleted before a child device.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Fix subtle bug in "finish_wait()", which can cause kernel stack
	corruption on SMP because of another CPU still accessing a waitqueue
	even after it was de-allocated.
	Use a careful version of the list emptiness check to make sure we
	don't de-allocate the stack frame before the waitqueue is all done.

<axboe at suse.de>
	[PATCH] no bio unmap on cdb copy failure
	The previous scsi_ioctl.c patch didn't cleanup the buffer/bio in the
	error case. 
	Fix it by copying the command data earlier.

<l.s.r at web.de>
	[PATCH] HPFS: missing lock_kernel() in hpfs_readdir()
	In 2.5.x, the BKL was pushed from vfs_readdir() into the filesystem
	specific functions.  But only the unlock_kernel() made it into the HPFS
	code, lock_kernel() got lost on the way.  This rendered the filesystem
	This adds the missing lock_kernel().  It's been tested by Timo Maier who
	also reported the problem earlier today.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	More subtle SMP bugs in prepare_to_wait()/finish_wait(). 
	This time we have a SMP memory ordering issue in prepare_to_wait(),
	where we really need to make sure that subsequent tests for the
	event we are waiting for can not migrate up to before the wait
	queue has been set up.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Fix thread group leader zombie leak
	Petr Vandrovec noticed a problem where the thread group leader
	would not be properly reaped if the parent of the thread group
	was ignoring SIGCHLD, and the thread group leader had exited
	before the last sub-thread.
	Fixed by Ingo Molnar.

<neilb at cse.unsw.edu.au>
	[PATCH] Fix possible bio corruption with RAID5
	 1/ make sure raid5 doesn't try to handle multiple overlaping
	    requests at the same time as this would confuse things badly.
	    Currently it justs BUGs if this is attempted.
	 2/ Fix a possible data-loss-on-write problem.  If two or
	    more bio's that write to the same page are processed at the
	    same time, only the first was actually commited to storage.
	 3/ Fix a use-after-free bug.  raid5 keeps the bio's it is given
	    in linked lists when more than one bio touch a single page.
	    In some cases the tail of this list can be freed, and
	    the current test for 'are we at the end' isn't reliable.
	    This patch strengths the test to make it reliable.

<axboe at suse.de>
	[PATCH] Fix IDE bus reset and DMA disable when reading blank DVD-R
	From Jon Burgess:
	  There is a problems with blank DVD media using the ide-cd driver.
	  When we attempt to read the blank disk, the drive responds to the read
	  request by returning a "blank media" error.  The kernel doesn't have
	  any special case handling for this sense value and retries the request
	  a couple of times, then gives up and does a bus reset and disables DMA
	  to the device.
	  Which obviously doesn't help the situation.
	  The sense key value of 8 isn't listed in ide-cd.h, but it is listed in
	  scsi.h as a "BLANK_CHECK" error.
	  This trivial patch treats this error condition as a reason to abort
	  the request.  This behaviour is the same as what we do with a blank CD-R.
	  It looks like the same fix might be desired for 2.4 as well, although
	  is perhaps not so important since scsi-ide is normally used instead.

<axboe at suse.de>
	I just found Yet Another Bug in scsi_ioctl - CDROM_SEND_PACKET puts a
	kernel pointer in hdr->cmdp, where sg_io() expects to find user address.
	This worked up until recently because of the memcpy bug, but now it
	doesn't because we do the proper copy_from_user(). 
	This fix undoes the user copy code from sg_io, and instead makes the
	SG_IO ioctl copy it locally.  This makes SG_IO and CDROM_SEND_PACKET
	agree on the calling convention, and everybody is happy. 
	I've tested that both
	   cdrecord -dev=/dev/hdc -inq
	   cdrecord -dev=ATAPI:/dev/hdc -inq
	works now.  The former will use SG_IO, the latter CDROM_SEND_PACKET (and
	incidentally would work in both 2.4 and 2.6, if it wasn't for
	CDROM_SEND_PACKET sucking badly in 2.4).

<jes at trained-monkey.org>
	[PATCH] qla1280 crash fix in error handling
	This fixes a bug in the qla1280 driver where it would leave a pointer to
	an on the stack completion event in a command structure if
	qla1280_mailbox_command fails.  The result is that the interrupt handler
	later tries to complete() garbage on the stack.  The mailbox command can
	fail if a device on the bus decides to lock up etc.

<torvalds at home.osdl.org>
	Linux 2.6.0

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