[Beowulf] PVM master/slave project template...

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Dec 17 13:54:31 EST 2003

Dear Listvolken,

I just finished building a PVM master/slave project template for public
and private re-use (mostly for re-use in the CW column that I WILL
finish in the next couple of days:-).  I am curious as to whether it
works for anybody other than myself.  If there is anybody out there who
always wanted an automagical PVM template that does n hello worlds in
parallel with d delay (ready to be gutted and replaced with your own
code) then it would be lovely if you would grab it and give it a try.

I'm testing the included documentation too (yes, it is at least modestly
autodocumenting) so I won't tell you much more besides:


from whence you can grab it.

N.B. -- the included docs do NOT tell you how to get and install pvm or
how to configure a pvm cluster; it is presumed that you can do or have
done that by other means.  For many of you it is at most a:

 yum install pvm

per node, or perhaps a rpm -Uvh /path/to/pvm-whatever.i386.rpm if you
don't have a yummified public repository.  Plus perhaps installing
pvm-gui on a head node. Then it is just setting the environment (e.g.
PVM_ROOT, PVM_RSH...) up correctly and cranking either pvm or xpvm to
create a virtual cluster.  This is all well documented elsewhere.


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