[Beowulf] Right place to MPICH discussions

Alexandr Konovalov avkon at imm.uran.ru
Wed Dec 17 09:08:15 EST 2003


Where is relevant place to discuss MPICH internal problems?
I send mail to mpi-maint at mcs.anl.gov but receive no reaction.

Basically we have problem with shmat in
mpid/ch_p4/p4/lib/p4_MD.c:MD_initmem in linux around 2.4.20
kernels. It seems to me that if we change System V IPC
horrors with plain and simple mmap in MD_initmem we have
broke nothing anyway. Is this reasonable?

While googling I found only the hint "to play with
P4_GLOBMEMSIZE" but in our case P4_GLOBMEMSIZE always too
small (so MPICH complaine) or too high (so shmat failed).

It's quite strange to me that we have very general 
configuration (2 CPU Xeons, Redhat 7.3 etc) and problems 
arise at wide class of MPI programs. The only specific there 
I think the -with-comm=shared flag in confogure.

Best regards,
Alexandr Konovalov

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