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Nicholas Henke henken at
Fri Aug 29 11:17:04 EDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 19:46, Glen Otero wrote:
> Joel-
> Have you actually built RH AS from scratch using their SRPMS?  Or do  
> you know anyone that has? I'm very interested in doing this but I heard  
> there were some pretty significant obstacles along the lines of package  
> dependencies.

The links to the rhel-rebuild howto and mailing list are enought to get
this done -- I just did 2.1 ES ( why bother with spending more for AS ?
). We purchased one copy of ES, and I used that to do the rebuild. Of
course, it is not completely automatic, but there are only a handfull of
packages that do not build without a bit of tweaking.

As far as pkg dependencies go, it is _much_ easier to build on a similar

Now for the $10K question -- are there any reasons that I ( or someone
else ) should not distribute the recompiled version of 2.1{A,E,W}S ? It
of course still has the RH branding all over it, but it could be
distributed being called 'Nics Fun RH clone', or something similar.

Nicholas Henke
Penguin Herder & Linux Cluster System Programmer
Liniac Project - Univ. of Pennsylvania

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