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On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 08:17  AM, Nicholas Henke wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 19:46, Glen Otero wrote:
>> Joel-
>> Have you actually built RH AS from scratch using their SRPMS?  Or do
>> you know anyone that has? I'm very interested in doing this but I 
>> heard
>> there were some pretty significant obstacles along the lines of 
>> package
>> dependencies.
> The links to the rhel-rebuild howto and mailing list are enought to get
> this done -- I just did 2.1 ES ( why bother with spending more for AS ?
> ). We purchased one copy of ES, and I used that to do the rebuild. Of
> course, it is not completely automatic, but there are only a handfull 
> of
> packages that do not build without a bit of tweaking.
> As far as pkg dependencies go, it is _much_ easier to build on a 
> similar
> system.
> Now for the $10K question -- are there any reasons that I ( or someone
> else ) should not distribute the recompiled version of 2.1{A,E,W}S ? It
> of course still has the RH branding all over it, but it could be
> distributed being called 'Nics Fun RH clone', or something similar.

You can redistribute it as long as it doesn't have RH all over it and  
you don't use the RH name while endorsing/promoting it. I suppose you 
could say it's RH compliant and built from RH srpms. The loop hole that 
RH is taking advantage of is the fact that they are compliant with the 
GPL as long as they release the sources. They comply with the GPL by 
releasing the sources in srpm format, and so technically do not have to 
make the isos freely available. By making it slightly difficult to 
build your own distro, and not offering support to those who do, RH is 
coaxing people to take the path of least resistance (wrt effort) and 
buy licenses.

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