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On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay wrote:

> On Sat, 2 Aug 2003, Angel Rivera wrote:
> > Check to make sure your NIS server is running and talking (TCPDUMP).
> > If your node is running fine?  Trying running "/etc/rc.d/init.d/ypbind 
> > restart" and see what error crops up. 
> yes the NIS server is running. /etc/rc.d/init.d/ypbind restart gives this:
> Shutting down NIS services:    [FAILED]
> Binding to the NIS domain:     [OK]
> Listening for an NIS domain server................... [FAILED]
> > Also, try nisdomainname and see what crops up there. 
> nisdomainname gives correct domain name.
> We have the Sever filesystems NFS mounted on the clients. I can see
> now that this NFS mounting is not working for the clients. While the
> clients tries to mount the NFS filesystem, it gives this error:
> Mounting NFS filesystem: mount : RPC : Port mapper failure - RPC: unable
> to receive

Yah.  How about ping?  Can you ping the server?  

Seriously, this looks like your problem is just a bad network
connection, or conceivably a downed portmapper.  If you can't ping,
obviously your network is down and you need to fix it.  If you can ping
and ssh back and forth and the like, then make sure that portmap is
running on your clients and server (an rpm that updated but installed
the new one off?).  In fact, do chkconfig --list and look at ALL of your
network services to make sure they still make sense.

Be careful here -- trojanned portmappers and other broken rpc services
are a favorite way for crackers to enter your system.  What you are
seeing COULD be symptoms of being cracked, as trojanned portmappers not
infrequently are broken (for a variety of reasons).  You might prefer to
back up your data and do a full reinstall of the server and a client, to
check the rpm MD5 checksums, and to presume that you may have been
cracked (monitoring your net traffic with TCPDUMP looking for bad guys)
while you proceed.  At least stay aware of the possibility.  It's
happened to me; it could have happened to you.


> Thanks..
> -Sanjoy
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