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Mon Apr 14 20:48:40 EDT 2003

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 04:57:52PM -0700, Jim Lux wrote:


> data (hence my earlier posts about MIPS/Watt being important).  Inherent in 
> the fact that one CAN do processing is that the raw data must contain some 
> redundancy, and the processing, in an information theoretic sense, consists 
> of removing the redundancy (consider it as "lossless compression" if you 
> will).

Hello Jim,

Sure. But you are going to perform lossless compression with a DSP chip
built into the pipeline. It was assumed you would remove redundancy prior to
transmitting from space. Lossless compression with a DSP core is not even
remotely comparable to hoisting a Beowulf cluster into space to
computationally exploit raw data from some exotic remote event. (smiles ;)

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