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 chettri wrote:
>Has anybody considered the theoretical aspects of placing beowulfs on a 
>cluster of satellites? I understand that communication will be slower AND 
>and it would restrict the set of problems that could be solved. I'm looking 
>for papers/tech reps etc on the subject.
I am not aware of any published work on placing beowulfs in orbit and as Bob Brown points out the expense and practical difficulties would be immense.  The only place I can think of where related issues would be discussed would be in technical papers related to the Iridium satellite network.  It has been a few years since I looked at it but if I recall correctly the architecture of their systems was different from all others.  In systems like Globalstar the satellites are controlled from the ground and satellites relay to ground stations which in turn relay to other satellites with all routing decisions for network traffic being made on Earth.  In Iridium, if I recall correctly, the satellites communicated directly with each other and all routing decisions were made in the satellites themselve.  There was no satellite designated as a control node but each satellite would have some processing power for making routing decisions and each satellite would in communication with ot!
 satellites directly so some sense it would be beowulf like. Whatever technical papers they published when they were looking for funding for the network might address some of the issues you are interested in.

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