KS file, floppy boot, and NIC not on boot floppy.

Joshua Baker-LePain jlb17 at duke.edu
Thu Nov 21 09:53:19 EST 2002

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 at 7:17am, Henderson, TL Todd wrote

> I suspect I have 4 options:
> a.)  Deal with it.
> b.)  Move the e1000 module to the floppy.  However, I don't seem to have the
> room on the floppy to do this.

You can delete drivers you don't need out of the initrd.img on the boot 
floppy to make room for the e1000 module from the drivers disk..  
*However*, note that the earliest e1000 driver that supports the dual 
onboard NICs seen on, e.g., Supermicro's E7500 boards is 4.3.2.  The 
version shipped on the RedHat 7.3 images is 4.1.7, and so won't work.  If 
you're talking 8.0, you're probably fine.

> c.)  Build a new kernel that fits on the floppy, has all the special
> features needed to boot from the floppy and includes the e1000 driver.

I've done this, and have an image I can send you.  It ain't perfect -- it 
doesn't seem to autodetect the e1000 right, so I still need to answer some 
questions to get it going (and I've been too laz^H^H^Hbusy to fix that).  
But you're welcome to it as a starting point -- just let me know.

Joshua Baker-LePain
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University

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