KS file, floppy boot, and NIC not on boot floppy.

Henderson, TL Todd Todd_Henderson at isl-3com.com
Thu Nov 21 08:17:58 EST 2002

I have a boot floppy that contains a kickstart file that sets up a node just
the way I want it.  Now I'm trying to use the floppy on another computer.
The new computer has an Intel PRO/1000 gigE network card built in, but the
boot floppy that was created from the bootnet.img doesn't recognize it.  So
for now, to get around this, I created another floppy from the drvnet.img
file.  However, I'm stuck with playing 2 floppy monty, plus having to
manually answer some questions. :(

I suspect I have 4 options:

a.)  Deal with it.
b.)  Move the e1000 module to the floppy.  However, I don't seem to have the
room on the floppy to do this.
c.)  Build a new kernel that fits on the floppy, has all the special
features needed to boot from the floppy and includes the e1000 driver.
d.)  Break down and learn how to do it with PXE.

Is there anything I've missed or other suggestions anyone would have.

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