Netgear FS750 switch (compare to Extreme Networks Summit 48?)

Bill Broadley bill at
Fri Mar 8 20:39:37 EST 2002

I have a Extreme Networks summit48, alas I want to connect 2 copper gige
fileservers to it.  Anyone know of a solution?  As far as I can tell
the uplink ports are fiber only.

Buying intel fiber gige cards and fiber cables is expensive and
frustratingly the motherboards in question have copper gbic cards
integrated and on the 66 Mhz PCI-X bus.

So I was looking at the price of a replacement and found:
	Netgear FS750 48 ports ($850 at and 2*Gige copper ($240).

Anyone have one?  How's it working?  Anyone want to compare performance
on to the Extreme Networks Switch? I'm not sure what benchmark to use
for latency and bandwidth, but I'm sure I could dig up an MPI benchmark
or write a script for netperf or similar.

Oh to compare: 

Netgear claims 17 Gbps "bandwidth" 16 Gbps.  Extreme Networks claims a
"bandwidth" 17.5 Gbps.  No idea under what conditions the tests were, and
how closely it relates to real world usage.

Bill Broadley
Mathematics/Institute of Theoretical Dynamics
UC Davis
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