Scyld slave node installation

Donald Becker becker at
Fri Mar 8 19:08:32 EST 2002

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, s02.sbecker wrote:

> I am trying to setup a small cluster with the Scyld Beowulf disk.  In the 
> beosetup window I see the mac address of the slave node in the unknown section 
> and drag it to the confirm area and click apply, but nothing happens.  The 
> slave remains stuck at "sending rarp requests".

What Scyld version?  Which driver?
The usual problem is forgetting to click 'apply', but you seem to know
about that.

One possible problem with older releases: if you have certain specific
3Com cards the driver may not have reset the transceiver correctly which
results in Tx but no Rx.  But this is rare...

> Some concerns I have are that I only have one ethernet card... the
> cluster is not connected to the outside world, and I am using a
> Linksys hub instead of a Fast ethernet connection.

A neat trick for a single NIC in the master is to use IP aliasing.
Install with "eth0" as the external interface, and "eth0:0" talking to
the cluster.

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