booting 370DLE *without* video?

Bill Comisky bcomisky at
Mon Apr 2 12:31:34 EDT 2001

I'm putting together a cluster using the Supermicro SUPER 370DLE (no
integrated video) motherboard.  The machines will boots OK with a video
card in one of the PCI slots.  Without the card they won't boot.  In the
BIOS I have set the following settings, to no avail:

Primary Display:  Absent
Wait for F1 if Error:  Disabled

This is a diskless system that boots from a floppy and then mounts
filesystems over the network.  Without the video card, the system never
accesses the floppy drive.  There are no beep codes from the motherboard,
though the manual lists 8 beeps if the video adapter is missing (non-fatal
error, should keep booting).

Anyone booted this motherboard without a video card?  If so what BIOS
settings were required?  What BIOS version?


Bill Comisky
bcomisky at

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