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Sat Oct 21 21:52:35 EDT 2000

Hello,Bill Northrup ,Chris Greer and Florent Calvayrac ,
     May be the reason is my switch. Its model is
LS-3016, a 16 ports produced by Legend Inc.
     I have read all doc with the switch. It only support
VLAN and trunking,no fast etherchannel. May be I should buy
a new switch, which model do you  recommend? Cisco catalyst
3500 series? 

in 00-10-22 3:47:00 writed£º
>No, trunking is the "backbone" or "master" connection back to the core of
>the network. (keeping the topology basic here).. The term 'trunking' is
>reserved for when you are encapsulating frames with VLAN tags back to core
>switch or router. As a side note, the encap methods are ISL (Cisco
>proprietary) and 802.1q (RFC style)... You would be looking for (hold on,
>beer going dry) (ok, I am back) would be 'etherchannel' or 'channelbonding'
>in the switch configs / documentation...  What type and model of switch are
>you running?
>Almost 4 am, I hope this makes sense :)
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