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No, trunking is the "backbone" or "master" connection back to the core of
the network. (keeping the topology basic here).. The term 'trunking' is
reserved for when you are encapsulating frames with VLAN tags back to core
switch or router. As a side note, the encap methods are ISL (Cisco
proprietary) and 802.1q (RFC style)... You would be looking for (hold on,
beer going dry) (ok, I am back) would be 'etherchannel' or 'channelbonding'
in the switch configs / documentation...  What type and model of switch are
you running?

Almost 4 am, I hope this makes sense :)


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>Etherchannel or bonding is a function of host and switch config, not
>It appears your bonding on the host is ok, the switch needs to be
>to bond those channels as well.
  Does it mean the ports on the switch should configure as port tunkinng?

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