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Tool Kits (Designed to work on top of Linux Distributions)

  • OSCAR allows users, regardless of their experience level with a *nix environment, to install a Beowulf type high performance computing cluster. It also contains everything needed to administer and program this type of HPC cluster. OSCAR's flexible package management system has a rich set of pre-packaged applications and utilities which means you can get up and running without laboriously installing and configuring complex cluster administration and communication packages.
  • Warewulf/Perceus is the next generation of enterprise and cluster provisioning toolkit. Created by the developers of Warewulf (one of the most utilized Linux cluster toolkits), Perceus redefines the limits of scalability, flexibility and simplicity. Facilitating open customization and site-required technologies without trading scalability, ease of use or simplicity, Perceus maintains this tradition and even takes it further.
  • oneSIS is an open-source software package aimed at simplifying diskless cluster management. It is a simple and highly flexible method for deploying and managing a system image for diskless systems that can turn any supported Linux distribution into a master image capable of being used in a diskless environment. One image is sufficient for serving thousands of nodes.
  • xCAT is an open source application that allows the user to provision operating systems on physical or virtual machines, remotely manage systems, and quickly set up and control management node services: DNS, HTTP, DHCP, TFTP.