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Genetic Algorithms

  • PGAPack (Parallel Genetic Algorithm Package) a general-purpose, data-structure-neutral, parallel genetic algorithm library developed at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • MPIKAIA is a slightly modified version of the PIKAIA 1.2 code developed by Paul Charbonneau and Barry Knapp at the High Altitude Observatory. It uses MPI code to parallelize the "Full Generational Replacement" evolutionary strategy. This package comes with a sample fitness function, which you should replace with your own function/model after you successfully compile and run the sample code.
  • GPOLC (Genetic Programming in OpenCL) is a parallel implementation of genetic programming targeted at heterogeneous devices, such as CPU and GPU. It is written in OpenCL, an open standard for portable parallel programming across many computing platforms.

Cellular Automata

  • CAOS (Cells, Agents and Observers for Simulation) is a high-level domain-specific programming language for the definition of extended cellular automata and their parallel simulation on shared and distributed memory computing architectures.
  • Ready is a program for exploring continuous cellular automata, including reaction-diffusion systems, on grids and arbitrary meshes. OpenCL is used as the computation engine, to take advantage of the many-core architectures on graphics cards and modern CPUs. OpenCL also allows rules to be written in a text format and compiled on the fly. Ready supports a compact XML-based file format so that images and rules can be shared easily.

Scientific Data Mining

  • Eureqa II is a scientific data mining software package that searches for mathematical patterns hidden in your data. Free download for a single computer.