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This page covers some tweak ideas for running NFS on your cluster. It covers both the server and the client. There is no guarantee that these tweaks will work for your particular case. They are tweaks that either people have tried or have been floating around the net for a while. They may help some workloads and not others. So your mileage may vary.

Our advice is to try the tweaks on your system for your workloads and then decide for yourself of the tweaks are worth it or not.

Equally important, if you do any tweaks and have success, please add your comments to this wiki so other people can learn from what you did (and you can become famous in the annals of Cluster-Tweaking-lore). We can't beg you enough to add your comments, observations, and success stories with as much detail as you can provide.

With these brief introductory concepts, let's dive into the subtopics for NFS tweaking.

1. Server Tweaks

1.1 Number of Threads
1.2 Second Topic

2. Client Tweaks

2.1 Mount options
2.2 Second Topic
2.3 CacheFS

3. Network Tweaks

3.1 UDP vs. TCP
3.2 Jumbo Frames (Changing the frame size)
3.3 Third Topic

4. Success Stories (Put your success stories here)

2.2 biod daemons on clients