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Hi. I'm currently translating the book to Korean.

In the Chapter 4, there is a sentence after the privilege commands:

"The _HOSTNAME_ is the name of the host on which a user has logged in."

In the example that resides in the book's Github page, _HOSTNAME_ is 'bde-static-pool-26.arnet', and it's where MySQL is installed.

but, I'm not sure about the meaning 'the host on which a user has logged in.'

Could you be more specific about this expression?

For example, 'which user?' and 'where this user has logged in on?'

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Sorry for the confusion. A simple example with Sqoop tends to get confusing.

In the example, the user is using MySQL. Based on the book example, the user is logged intothe MySQL host machine and subsequently this machine is referred to as _HOSTNAME_. There is an assumption that the user is logged into the same machine for all four steps in the Sqoop example (and the machine is also a Sqoop client and MySQL server). It probably should be stated more clearly. Thanks.
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