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Horton networks currently provides version 3.0 and the oldest version available is 2.5.2

The current version 3.0 of HDP sandbox (VirtualBox image) requires 10GB of RAM which most users would not have have. Where can we get HDP 2.2 as given in the book.
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A few things:

The book is a little dated in terms of versions, particularly HDP.

Because HDP is so resource intensive, I put together a smaller Linux Hadoop Minimal (LHM) VM for the book and my on-line classes. I invite you to check out this page for more information on downloading and using the LHM (it is 5G in size requires 2 cores, 4 GB memory, and 70 GB of disk space, also processor must support HW virtualization):

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Thx. Unfortunately, I have upgraded my MacBook to BigSur and VirtualBox isn't working and thus can't use at the moment. Will try installing it via sources on Linux and get back in case of any questions.
I am able to make it work using VMware Fusion and it works flawlessly.
Thx for providing a great resource