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Would like to know the URL where I can download the sample program code given in chapter 3 i.e. Listing 3.1 (for java program )and listing 3.2 (c program)

On reading carefully, found the location.

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Yes that is correct
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Thanks for the confirmation.
I am using the LHV installation and it is very useful for single desktop based installation. Of course I installed pig (I didn't find it preinstalled). If it is already there, then my apologies for the same.

I am trying to use sqoop, and as per example in the book, I need to access mysql.
What is the mysql root password in the mini linux hadoop packet which you have created. It will be helpful, rather than resetting the root password.
There are instructions for Pig and Flume under


There is no mysql password (just enter Return)

  mysql -u root -p
Thx Sir.
It has been helpful.
I am able to run Pig, and having issues with Flume webserver logs. Basic nectat to flume agent works though.
Thx again for quick response.