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In 2018 we asked the community to help fund the Beowulf Bash event at SC18 in Dallas. Even though the request came late in the game, our expectations were exceeded when we were able to collect $3,170 to help offset a projected shortfall! As part of our pledge we promised to provide the final accounting of our SC18 finances.

Our expenses for last year were higher than normal because in addition to the Beowulf Bash we also created a documentary video and created a Beowulf History Booth (as part of the SC 30 year history pavilion) In total our expenses were as follows:

Vendor Sponsorship(1) $64,250
Total Sponsorship: $67,420

Cost of booth/Bash(2) $53,130
Video: $18,250
Total expenses: $71,380
Shortfall: $3,960


  1. Please see the SC18 invitation for a list of sponsors
  2. If needed, we can provide a breakdown of Bash and booth expenses, basically the Beowulf Bash was approximately 82% of the expenses

We also made some promises to thank our contributors. The following are the heroes of the 2018 Beowulf Bash;

Platinum Donor

Gold Donors

Silver Donors

As a final note, we are looking at ways to resolve the shortfalls on a permanent basis. See you all at SC19 Beowulf Bash in Denver.