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Beobash 11.jpg

The R-Team’s mission is to minimize clients HPC time to solution through inter-galactic high-speed travel, arriving at far reaching destinations that fulfill the travel objectives of all patrons who board and explore with us.

The R-Team’s technical prowess, along with a bundle of towels and maps for long distance flight, allow our passengers to explore earthly atmospheres in cloud-based technologies or push for the outer reaches of the galaxy with leading-edge spacecraft. Providing speed and efficiency, the R-Team takes passengers to unexplored levels of performance.

Known as creative “space travelers,” the R-Team constantly seeks out the latest and greatest technology, with a positive “let’s give it a try” attitude that has produced many successful outer-galaxy trips for our clients. Our flight tools, along with the ever present towels, are built to run the most advanced technology in a fluid and star-studded environment.

"Be the frood who really knows where his towel is."

See you at the Clark Planetarium Monday night (Nov 12) at 9 PM

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