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AKA The 2017 Beowulf Bash and Bowling Fete

Join us for huge bowling party with prizes. Click over to SC 17 Beowulf Bash for all the details (date/time, snarky comments).

The last time we visited Denver (SC13) we held the very popular “Physics of Spherical Newtonian Solids Smackdown” (a pool tournament). Because rolling spheres seems to be such a big hit in Denver, we decided to continue the tradition with a kind of bowling tournament! Yes, you read that correctly.

From the Open MPI Team -- go team

The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of research, academic, and industry partners, is pleased to announce the release of Open MPI version 3.0.0.

v3.0.0 is the start of a new release series for Open MPI. Open MPI 3.0.0 enables MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE by default, so a build option to Open MPI is no longer required to enable thread support. Additionally, the embedded PMIx runtime has been updated to 2.1.0 and the embedded hwloc has been updated to 1.11.7. There have been numerous other bug fix and performance improvements. Version 3.0.0 can be downloaded from the main Open MPI web site.

It s that time of year. The annual Supercomputing show is upon us. Expect a bit more coverage from Cluster Monkey this year and as always look for us at the Beowulf Bash (look for the Easter egg in the upper right hand corner of the Bash web page). We will be holding this years Bash on Monday November 14, 2016 at 9PM at the Discovery Gateway: Children’s Museum 444 100 South, Salt Lake City (a few blocks from the conference center).

The Beowulf Bash is a true community party, paid for by a multitude of vendors — often competitors of each other — in order to thank the Beowulf community that developed the technology upon which much of modern-day HPC was built. Although there are many sponsors, no one sponsor takes sole responsibility for the event (kind of like Linux).

If you were ever curious about those snarky Beobash Invites and web pages, the full story is over at InsideHPC in the form of an Interview with Lara Kisielewska of Xand McMahon and yours truly. As part of the interview, we have posted all the Beowulf Bash Invitations from 2008 to the present. Hope to see you there!

Despite some unseasonably cold weather, the 2014 Beowulf Bash was a huge success. We had a great party at Mardi Gras World, which was right next to the convention center. The initial tally was close to 1000 people! Some photos are below.

The once in a lifetime event was a parade honoring Tom Sterling and Don Becker on the 20th anniversary of Beowulf clusters. There were three small floats with Tom and Don leading the way. Sponsors like Cluster Monkey followed the floats with an arm full of beads that were thrown into the crowd. (Note: Since I was in the parade, I did not get many photos of the actual parade. If anyone has more photos of the parade please send them to deadline(you know what goes here) Thanks to Massimiliano Fatica for the picture of Tom and Don)

We already posted about the 2014 Beowulf Bash and there is one detail that was not mentioned. This year Cluster Monkey is sponsoring a location at the Beobash where you can get a personal Voodoo Gris Gris bag. These bags are custom made to ensure all your troubles get placed in the bag -- or something like that. Of course bags are of limited size so please select your troubles wisely. Gris Gris bags are believed to protect the wearer from evil, bring luck, or an additional 2% performance increase to your applications if attached to right server. Don't forget to follow the #beowulfbash tag on twitter.



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