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Intersect360 Research is an Earth-based market research, industry analysis, and consulting firm focused exclusively on studying High Performance Computing, throwing parties, distributing trivia cards, and generally having a good time. Hindered by an inconvenient lack of time-travel technologies, Intersect360 Research bases its forecasting methodology on bribery, offering rewards to carbon-based life forms who supply information on their acquisitions and deployments of their silicon-based slaves.

Addison Snell is Supreme Galactic President of Intersect360 Research despite having only two arms and just the one head. Christopher G. Willard, Ph.D., is Chief Research Officer, because he is a really together guy who always knows where his towel is. Laura Segervall, Senior Research Analyst, is a hoopy frood who knows how to make a proper cup of tea.

The latest Intersect360 Research report indicates that by 2018, one in six supercomputers will suffer from depression.

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