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A hurricane we are told is drink you can find in New Orleans, plant Earth. Not to be confused with a weather event that wiped out power and Internet servers up and down the east coast just two weeks before the great 2012 Beowulf Bash was being promoted with a real catchy and clever promotion that included said Internet, wires, and electrons.

All is not lost, however, things are coming back up and we will still be clever about the Bash for a few more days. Let's be clear we did not panic (much).

We also do not wish to make light of this storm, to all those who lost power, property, or loved ones, we hope recovery is swift and healing.

Any updates or new information will be posted here on this page

  • 11.01.12: 10:00AM (eastern) Currently the invite page is down
  • 11.01.12: 6:37PM (eastern) Alternate invite page is now up
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