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|[[File:Beobash_06.jpg‎|link=HPC Wire]] '''HPCwire'''
|[[File:Beobash_06.jpg‎|link=HPC Wire]] '''HPCwire'''
|[[File:insidehpc-138x48.png|link=Inside HPC ]] '''insideHPC'''
|[[File:Beobash_07.jpg‎|link=Inside HPC ]] '''insideHPC'''
|[[File:i360-298x89.png|150px|link=Intersect 360 Research]] '''Intersect 360 Research'''
|[[File:‎i360-298x89.png|150px|link=Intersect 360 Research]] '''Intersect 360 Research'''
|[[File:stackiq-137x42.png|link=Stack IQ]] '''Stack IQ'''
|[[File:stackiq-137x42.png|link=Stack IQ]] '''Stack IQ'''
|[[File:mellanox-88x63.png|link=Mellanox ]] '''Mellanox'''
|[[File:Beobash_08.jpg‎|link=Mellanox ]] '''Mellanox'''
|[[File:numascale-180x38.png|link=Numascale ]] '''Numascale'''
|[[File:Beobash_09.jpg‎|link=Numascale ]] '''Numascale'''
|[[File:penguin-113x56.png|link=Penguin Computing]] '''Penguin Computing'''
|[[File:penguin-113x56.png|link=Penguin Computing]] '''Penguin Computing'''

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Adaptive-397x88.png I360-298x89.png

Welcome to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beowulf Bash. For those of you who have no idea what this page is about or why it is here, please see here for an explanation of the overall scheme. Once you have read the description, go and buy the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the complete set) and read the books. Finally, Google Beowulf Bash to get some background on the best party at the annual SC convention. Once you have a firm grasp of both topics, realize that they have nothing to do with each other, but you may get a towel and some refreshments if you show up at the bash this year.

Moving on. We want to thank our main sponsors, Adaptive Computing and Intersect 360 Research for this year's event. Click their links to find out more about how these two companies contribute to the HPC community.

Party Location: See map with directions or consult Shallow Thought
Date: Monday, November, 12, 2012
Time: 9PM-11:30PM (After the Monday Night Gala)
!!! The first 1000 attendees will get the official SC12 Hitchhikers Guide to the Beowulf Bash towel. The Adaptive Computing ACE Band will open for the Dance Doctors. Be sure to practice your Gangnam Style. The Restaurant At the End of the Universe will be serving refreshments.

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Vendor Entries

Generally nice people who provide the beer and pretzels. Click to learn more about SC12 activities and maybe a clue as to the location of the bash:

Beobash 01.jpg Aeon Computing Adaptive-397x88.png Adaptive Computing Beobash 02.jpg AMD
Beobash 03.jpg Appro Beobash 04.jpg Arista Networks Beobash 05.jpg Cluster Monkey
Beobash 06.jpg HPCwire Beobash 07.jpg insideHPC I360-298x89.png Intersect 360 Research
Stackiq-137x42.png Stack IQ Beobash 08.jpg Mellanox Beobash 09.jpg Numascale
Penguin-113x56.png Penguin Computing R-hpc-114x54.png R-HPC Si-140x53.png Scalable Informatics
Terascala-117-44.png Terascala Xand-53x55.png Xand Marketing
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