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The Gnodal® ASIC Ethernet switch architecture features a congestion-aware performance and workload engine that allows for ultra-low latency transmission while utilizing a dynamic, fully adaptive load-balancing mechanism to equitably arbitrate a pre-emptive pathway for large data-sets, high-computational applications and massive storage demands prevalent in HPC and Big Data environments. The 72-port 40 GbE ‘fabric in a box’ GS0072 product extends Gnodal’s leadership in port density, ToR solutions and won the best-in-class award for networking at Interop 2012.

Gnodal’s high-performance network fabric delivers industry-leading speed to help reduce latencies across platforms. On ingress into GS-Series switching, the initial latency is sub-150 nanoseconds (store/forward) with each subsequent Gnodal switch added to the fabric incurring only 66 nanoseconds of additional latency (cut-through) providing the lowest latency available in a Layer 2 switch, enabling port-to-port scale-out solutions across many thousands of ports.

For more information about Gnodal, visit

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