[Beowulf] Status of beowulf.org?

Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
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On 18/06/12 22:47, Pierce, Thomas H (H) wrote:

> Hi All,


> As a  "forced" lurker for the last few years, I have seen posts
> "moderated" and lost. I agree with Joe L. that moderation "kills"
> more discussions than "rescues" diversions.

I think this is true for a moderated list with no active moderator
(as we have now), but with a (very) light hand and a rapid transition
from moderated to unmoderated for new users then it may not be too bad.

That said I've never had to set moderation for new users on any lists
I've run before, but then they weren't as public as this and Doug has
already presented evidence that spammers have got stuff through to the
list before now..

> Alas, USENET seems to be gone and "free" newsgroups and mailing
> lists are less popular.

Very sad (though inevitable for USENET I think).  I *really* dislike
web based forums..

> If one can vote in a colleague, I would like to see Doug Eadline or
> Joe L. host the mailing list.

The evidence is that the hosting itself is OK (in that the list is
continuing to work despite the website being inaccessible), what's the
problem is the lack of list admins and the website.

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