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> From: Marc Noguera Julian <marc at klingon.uab.es>
> Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 19:09:00 +0200
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> Subject: CCL:Experiences with 64 bits AMD processors
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> Hello,
> we  are interested in buying some more computational resources. In our
> group we are interested in 64 bit AMD processors, but we do not know
> about their compatibility. They are supposed, as AMD says,  to be32 bit
> compatible and therefore AMD 64 bit processor should be able to run any
> 32 bit application. Is that true? Any experience about this will help us
> a lot.
  We run, in particular, Gaussian-98 (32 bit binary version) on Opteron
servers w/SuSE SLES8.
> By the way, we are running mainly gaussian jobs, and have some other 32
> bit binaries like turbomole and jaguar. We have source code license for
> gaussian 03. Has anyone tried to compile Gaussian 03 for a AMD 64 bit
> machine? Do 32 bit pentium binaries run correctly on a 64 bit processor
> which is the increase on the performance? 
  Yes, G03 is compiled at least by Gaussian, Inc itself: there is G03
64-bit binary version for Opteron in the price list. We have significant
speed-up on Opteron in comparison w/Athlons.
 We run also 32-bit binaries codes translated for Pentium on Opteron.
> Do Turbomole and Jaguar
> binaries run on 64 bit AMD processors?  anyone tried?
> Any information will be helpful.
> Thanks a lot
> Marc
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