Opteron-based nodes benchmarks: RDTSC

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Mon Jul 23 12:44:16 EDT 2012

According to Mikhail Kuzminsky
> I'm testing some fortran benchmarks on 2-CPUs Opteron 1.6 Hhz
> server we want to use in Beowulf cluster. In particular, I need to measure
> small time intervals, for which I want to use RDTSC-based "function"
> (for example I attach below one - published by T.Prince). But it requires
> some minor modifications, I beleive, to work properly on x86-64. 
  I found now that all is OK if I'm using calls from g77-33
(#define for 386 and _M_IX86 as I wrote in previous message
are enough).

  Mikhail Kuzminsky
  Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
  kus at free.net

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