gige benchmark performance

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Mon Jul 23 12:44:16 EDT 2012

According to Mark Hartner
> For the Intel Pro/1000T and Netgear GA620 there was only a slight 
> performance difference between 32 and 64 bit PCI (the 64bit slot did
> slightly better).
  We found very big difference between 32-bit PCI on Athlon/700 Mhz
nodes (Gigabyte GA-7VX mobos)
 and 64-bit/33 Mhz PCI on Tyan S2460 for Intel Pro/1000T cards.
32-bit PCI gives for netperf TCP_STREAM tests only about 300 Mbit/s,
but on S2460 we received excellent results - about 910 Mbit/s for
  The tests looks as not CPU bound.

  Theoretically it may be also due to difference in software :
for Athlon/700 we tested RH 6.2 (2.2.14-5 kernel) and RH 7.1
(if I remember correctly, kernel 2.4 was standard in distribution)
w/3.0.10 version of e1000.

On S2460 we worked w/RH 7.2 (2.4.7-10) and e1000-drivers 3.1.22 and 4.0.7
(last was found as much more stable, but it's other talk...).

  But I beleive that the difference is too high and the reason of
difference is hardware (if there is no problems w/south bridge
on GA-7VX, it must be the difference in PCI buses).

Mikhail Kuzminsky,
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry,
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