[Beowulf] Larrabee - Mark Hahn's personal attack

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Jan 27 10:42:48 EST 2012

On 01/27/2012 10:37 AM, Mark Hahn wrote:
>>>> Larrabee indeed resembles itanium to some extend, but not quite.
>>> wow, that has to be your most loosely-tethered-to-reality statement
>>> yet!
>>> it's true that Larrabee and Itanium are very close
>>> in the number of letters in their name.
>> Your personal attack seems to indicate you disagree with my
>> qualification of the entire Larrabee line
>> having any reality sense in the long run.
> not surprisingly, no: I disagree that Larrabee and Itanium resemble
> each other in any but really silly ways.
> Itanium is a custom, VLIW architecture; Larrabee is an on-chip
> cluster of non-VLIW, commodity x86_64 cores.

But ...  but .... they are both made of Silicon .... doesn't that mean 
they are the same?


(Sorry, its been a fun week ... and this was just ... too ... 
irresistible ...)

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