[Beowulf] Resource conflict

Francesco Pietra francesco.pietra at accademialucchese.it
Fri Mar 13 11:47:39 EDT 2009

I have resumed a Tyan S2895 with two dual-opteron, placed in 2 slots
of 400MHz Kingston DDR1 ECC, two sata 250GB Maxtor, new CD-ROM and
floppy, PS2 mouse and US keyboard (it was previously running fine with
16GB RAM, two WD 150GB Raptor, and different CD-ROM and floppy; then
the machine remained unused for one year)

I have yesterday installed on this machine Debian amd64 lenny 5.0.0
(netinstall from CD-ROM) creating 3 partitions 1 2 3 on sda and sdb of
0.2G, 1.0G, and nearly the rest of the drive. Selected all the
partitions to be a raid device

configure raid
md0 = sda1 sdb1
md1 = sda2 sdb2
md2 = sda3 sdb3

selected md0 as type ext2 mount /boot
selected md1 as type ext3 mount /
selected md2 as type lvm device

configured lvm for /home /usr /var /tmp /swap /opt. Installed grub on
master boot record. Reboot: OK.

Next day, on booting:

Phoenix Trusted Server 1.03.2895

CPU0 MemClk 200MHz Tcl=3.0 Trc=3 Tras=8 Trp=3

CPU1 MemClk 100MHz Tcl=??? Trc=0 Tras=Trp=0

LTD frequency=1000MHz LTD width=16 bit DOWN-16 bit UP

2048M System RAM passed

2048K Cache SRAM passed

System BIOS shadowed

Video BIOS shadowed


Mouse (PS2) initialized

System configuration data updated


Resource conflict - PCI Mass Storage Controller in slot 01
Bus:01, Device:04, Function:00 was unable to run due to memory constraints.

Well, I am no system maintainer (there is nobody here that qualifies
for that) and I can imagine a lot of different possibilities, from
faulty RAM (that suspicious reading 200MHz and 100MHz, while they are
400MHz) on...

Thanks for suggestions

francesco pietra
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