[Beowulf] Re: PowerEdge SC 1435: Unexplained Crashes.

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 12:22:09 EDT 2008

>Dell supports CentOS. They better - that's one of the OSes they will
>install if you buy a cluster from them. I suspect the technician you are
>dealing with doesn't even know this.

You must be right. But I spoke to multiple techs and all of them claim
that Fedora and Centos are not "Dell-validated-OSs" [sic]. They told
me only RHEL and SUSE are. Not that it matters because I am in no
position to upgrade my cluster to RHEL (nor do I think I should need

>And you can always lie to the support - CentOS, for all practical and
>technical purposes, *IS* RHEL.

Maybe! But I wasn't sure "how close". During iffy debugs
"misrepresenting" is always tricky since one never knows when it is
some small detail that its choking on.
Primarily I wanted to rule out that this is hardware and not OS or
code (which is what the techs want to always deflect me to).

Boils down to this: "if I let you run whatever crappy buggy code and
OS that you wanted could you ever get good hardware to go into the
"orange light" crashed mode?" I don't know. What do you guys say?

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