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> Well.. to be fair, there were (and still are) businesses out there 
> (particularly a few years ago) that didn't fully understand the 
> concept of needing net profit. (ah yes, the glory days of startups 
> "buying market share" in the dot-com bubble) And, some folks made a 
> fine living in the mean time. (But, then, those folks weren't the 
> owners, were they, or if they were, in a limited sense, they now have 
> some decorative wallpaper..) 
Hey Jim,
Gold rushes are good (and greed I guess too ... ;-) ...) ... there IS often gold in them there hills, it is just that very few if anyone knows exactly where.  So, the less risk averse among us and those with more money than sense (thankfully, I say) starting digging.  Most of their trials end in error, but the rest of us benefit from the few that are lucky/smart enough to find it.  I think you are assuming that the futures are far more predictable than it in fact is, even for the best and brightest like yourself ... what percentage of the HPC market will accelerators have at this time next year?


"Making predictions is hard, especially about the future." 

Niels Bohr 


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