[Beowulf] centos5 as cluster os

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 16:28:23 EST 2008

Joe Landman wrote:
> Mark Hahn wrote:
>>> whats everyones take on centos as a cluster os.
>> works fine for me, but I also don't think distros are very important.
>> the critical things are:
>>     - must have a decent package system.  yum is; I'm not familiar enough
>>     with urpmi or apt to know them.  I think both provide appropriate
>>     management of dependencies.
> Yum is good, so is apt.  I still have a problem with yum wanting to
> install i386 binaries as well as the x86_64 ones.  Haven't learned how
> to stop that yet (probably simple too).
> There is much I do not like about rpm.  However it has a few nice
> features.  I can't live without
>     rpm -qa
>     rpm -ql package
>     rpm -qf file
> and am going through withdrawl as apt does not seem to provide these (or
> if they do, it isn't at all obvious how/where).

I am here with your fix:

Of particular interest
rpm -qa equates to  dpkg -l
rpm -ql equates to -L <packagename>
rpm -qf equates to dpkg -S <filename>

Trust me, Debian based distros are the next best thing to crack cocaine.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs
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