[Beowulf] TIPC in a Beowulf?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Feb 4 14:09:59 EST 2008

>> I'm looking forward to OpenMX - it's a message-passing layer amenable to 
>> ethernet, but well-suited for MPI.  any OpenMX people care to comment?
> Do you have any links to the current status of this effort?  All my Googling 
> leads to links on a package (also called OpenMX) for nano-material 
> simulations.

unfortunately no.  all I've had is cruel teasing messages from 
myricom-related people.  "code-tease" ;)

to me, it seems like this would be a fairly high priority for 
myricom, since it emphasizes the value of ethernet interop,
whether 1Gb or 10Gb.
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