[Beowulf] gcc 4.3 and acml 4.1.0 do not play together

Daniel Pfenniger Daniel.Pfenniger at obs.unige.ch
Fri Aug 8 14:57:43 EDT 2008

Mark Kosmowski wrote:
> After a bit of struggling I found a post at the AMD Developer Forum
> stating that gcc 4.3 and acml 4.1.0 are not compatible.
> I've been reading a bunch of folks here using gcc 4.3 and just wanted
> to make everyone aware, hopefully prevent some time lost to futility.
> Have a great weekend!
> Mark E. Kosmowski

Perhaps related to this there was this announcement 
(http://lwn.net/Articles/272048/) that the Linux kernel was incompatible 
with gcc 4.3 because the new gcc series changed some assumptions about 
x86 processor flag.  I think this problem is no longer of concern for 
the Linux kernel, but may still exist in other software.

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