[Beowulf] Really efficient MPIs??

Scott Atchley atchley at myri.com
Wed Nov 28 16:59:47 EST 2007

On Nov 28, 2007, at 4:25 PM, Andrew Piskorski wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 11:10:21AM -0500, Scott Atchley wrote:
>> At SC07 MPICH2 BoF, I gave a brief talk about MPICH2-MX. In addition
>> to showing results of it running over MX-10G, I had a few slides
>> showing performance using MPICH2-MX over Open-MX on Intel e1000
>> drivers (80003ES2LAN NICs). IMB Pingpong latency is ~10 us for small
>> messages and throughput for large messages is near line rate.
>> Open-MX provides the same API as MX, runs on _any_ Ethernet driver/
>> NIC, should work with most MX software (MPICH-MX, MPICH2-MX, PVFS2,
>> etc.) and is open source. It has not reached a release tarball yet,
>> but we expect to see one soon.
> Whoa, so Open-MX is like GAMMA, only better?  Where do we read more
> about it?
> --  
> Andrew Piskorski <atp at piskorski.com>

Hi Andrew,

Yes and perhaps. :-)

The code is not ready for an alpha release yet. It still needs a few  
critical features.

I jumped the gun by posting the above and teasing everyone. Once an  
alpha is released, you will hear more.

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