[Beowulf] Berkeley View: A future in Parallel Programming?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Sat Mar 17 22:59:20 EDT 2007

> Just so that I'm clear on the wording:
> Multicore: Today's dual and quad cores.
> Manycore: many, many more cores per die [like Intel's recent prototype]

I think the distinction is more than just cores-per-die,
but rather that VFB's authors coin manycore as the approach
which embraces all their hot-buttons (low-power, fairly dumb cores,
lots of them, no coherency among them, some kind of virtualization,
thin OS's, autotuning, etc.)

> If that is true, where does the Cell BE fit? Multi or Many?

cell-BE is a PPC with some attached processors.  it's not that 
much different from a cpu+gpu (not surprising, considering its market.)
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