[Beowulf] Benchmark between Dell Poweredge 1950 And 1435

Renato S. Silva rssr at lncc.br
Mon Mar 12 05:08:50 EDT 2007


What is the best  compiler for AMD processors ?


Bill Broadley wrote:

> Additional things to keep in mind:
> * Compilers can make a huge difference.  Intel for instance used to 
> penalize
>   AMD chips on the order of 5-15% with their compiler.  This was 
> proven by
>   removing the if (running_on_amd()) check and seeing the improved
>   performance.  Other compilers will achieve different performance 
> because
>   they achieve a different percentage of peak performance.  Pathscale
>   in particular seems to sometimes achieve great performance and at other
>   times just average performance.... highly code dependent.

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