[Beowulf] 1.2 us IB latency?

Gilad Shainer Shainer at mellanox.com
Thu Apr 19 17:31:44 EDT 2007

On Wed, April 18, 2007, Mark Hahn wrote: 

> > Do you expect me to describe in details the architecture of 
> our silicon?
> > Come on... :-)
> why not?  explaining your tech to prospective customers is 
> good PR, and I would be surprised if your competitors don't 
> already know it all.

Prospective customers are welcome to discuss details directly 
with us, as they do with other vendors. And no, competitors 
Don't know it all. 

> this is why Intel and AMD routinely disclose quite a few 
> details of their respective microarchitectures.

Every vendor decide what is good for him.  

> suggesting that your competitors are stupid or ignorant is 
> _not_ good PR.

There was no suggestion of this manner in my response. Looks like
you take it too far. 

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