[Beowulf] Looking for external RAID vendors

Mike Davis jmdavis1 at vcu.edu
Thu Sep 28 10:54:59 EDT 2006


We had a similar episode with an IBM Shark (I believe) machine. It said 
that two drives failed simultaneously,. The first time required a 
complete rebuild. The second (in 3 months) got IBM's attention. The 
problem was with the controller. We wound up needing to replace the 
controller and then discovered that neither drive was actually bad.


Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 September 2006 5:54 am, Mike Davis wrote:
>>We've had good luck with Apple's arrays.
> </lurk>
> So have we.
> On the other hand we've had an IBM FAStT & EXP enclosure (or whatever they're 
> called today) which lost 2 SCSI drives (one in the main unit and one in the 
> EXP) within a minute, both in the same RAID-5 array.
> Fortunately we coaxed one of them back into life long enough for the array to 
> rebuild onto the hot spare, swapped the dead one out, failed the other 
> suspect drive, rebuilt and replaced that one.
> Turned out they were both manufactured on the same day..
> <lurk>

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