[Beowulf] Nas parallel benchmarks issue

Clements, Brent M (SAIC) brent.clements at bp.com
Tue Feb 14 12:43:45 EST 2006

Would it be possible to find out from you guys exactly bench mark I should build in order to test a 16 way SMP system? And secondly, how should I then run that benchmark?
I've done the following in NPB3.2-OMP/
make bt CLASS=A
and then run(per the README-3.1 instructions)
setenv OMP_SCHEDULE "static"
bin/BT.A > BT.A_out.16

but the results of the test show that only 1 thread has been utilized. 
I am using gcc 3.4.5 and NO mpi library.
Am I doing it correctly and/or choosing the correct version of NPB?

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