[Beowulf] SW Giaga, what kind?

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 15:14:11 EST 2006

John Hearns wrote:
> Geoff Jacobs wrote:
>> Depends how small we're talking about. If we're talking Value Cluster
>> 2K7, the purchasing goals are quite different.
> But of course.
> Indeed, you could start with desktop type systems and upgrade with (say)
> Intel gigabit NIC cards when you have the need for a dedicated network.
> Just trying to point out that (in general) you should make a good choice
> of hardware platform to start with.
This goes without saying. Careful shopping is the name of the game.

> Server-grade hardware in rackmount cases is almost always the way to go.
> PSUs are more robust, cabling is easier and as I said you get a second
> onboard Gigabit NIC.
> Add in the capability for lights-out management for IPMI and you have a
> good basis for cluster expansion.
There are downsides to server hardware. Cost for one. Also, if it's 9
machines sitting in the back of a lab, the noise factor from 1U cases
would probably be an issue. By the time desktop cases are impractical
and the cluster needs dedicated space, I agree with you 100%. The
trouble is we don't know how many nodes the OP is thinking of.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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