[Beowulf] Re: LSF and Fluent in a beowulf environment

turuncu at be.itu.edu.tr turuncu at be.itu.edu.tr
Thu Dec 7 15:18:52 EST 2006


I will write a simple lsf script that fix the lsf and fluent integration.
you can use the following script to submit job to lsf,

>> Begin script (don't add this line to script)

#BSUB -a fluent         # lsf fluent integration paramter
#BSUB -J FLUENT       # job name
#BSUB -o %J.out         # LSF out file
#BSUB -e %J.err          # LSF error file
#BSUB -n 12              # number of process (must be same with fluent -t
#BSUB -q trccsq         # queue name

# -------------------------
# erase
rm -rf host.file

# get empty node names
np=`echo $LSB_HOSTS`

# generate new machine file
for i in $np
  echo $i >> host.file
# -------------------------

fluent -lsf -pnmpi -cnf=./host.file 2ddp -i fluent.jou -t12 -p -g> fluent.out

>> End script (don't add this line)

To use the script you have to create fluent journal (fluent.jou) and data
files. I hope this helps to you.

ps: -t12 and lsf -n parameter must be point same number of cpu.

Best regards,

Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu
Istanbul Technical University

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